I think a lot about how to live better. I write here to collect my thoughts into something slightly coherent.

“Having eyes, but not seeing beauty;
having ears, but not hearing music;
having minds, but not perceiving truth;
having hearts that are never moved and therefore never set on fire.
These are the things to fear. – Sosaku Kobayashi, Totto-Chan

On this site you’ll find Notes on books I’ve read, Resource Lists for learning the fundamentals of a topic, and Articles on whatever I’ve been thinking about.


self-portrait of James Stuber

Hi. I’m James Stuber. I tend to learn on my own with an emphasis on building strong fundamentals and seeking pragmatic solutions.

I’m here to make a positive impact on society, in whatever small way, to the best of my abilities. To that end I am always:

I’m heavily guided by Stoic and Minimalist thought, though I don’t consider myself a Stoic, or a Minimalist. I’m most content when in flow.

Right now I’m:

  • Working as an Engineer at a fusion energy research company
  • Coaching Olympic Weightlifters
  • Shoring up my Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Writing for this blog

Send me mail, or tweet @uberstuber. I respond to everyone.

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