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About JamesStuber.com

About JamesStuber.com

I think a lot about how to live. I write here to collect my thoughts into something slightly coherent.

"Having eyes, but not seeing beauty;
having ears, but not hearing music;
having minds, but not perceiving truth;
having hearts that are never moved and therefore never set on fire.
These are the things to fear.
-Sosaku Kobayashi, from “Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window"

On Resource Lists:

Book and a notebook

With so much signal to noise on the internet, establishing a useful framework for a topic can be difficult. If you spend enough time on the internet, you pick up a good b.s. filter, and start to find reliable information. I like to collect lists of these high quality resources. Armed with these lists, the reader can start to develop solid fundamentals.

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On Book Notes:

Photo by Eli Francis https://unsplash.com/@elifrancis

If you learn by reading, books are the best investment you can make, both in terms of time and money. Books are cheap or free. We only have one life, but through books we can experience thousands of lives, learn the lessons of the past, avoid the mistakes others have made for us, and open our minds to new ways of thinking.

I take notes on most non-fiction books I read. Derek Sivers Inspired me to post my book notes here. I’m typing them up anyway.

Reading someone else’s book notes can give you a general outline of a book, and maybe help you decide whether or not to read it. If you find your interest piqued by a set of my book notes, do yourself a favor and pick up the actual book. The ideas will stick around longer.

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On Me:

self-portrait of James Stuber

I’m James Stuber. I tend to learn on my own with an emphasis on building strong fundamentals and seeking pragmatic solutions. I’m heavily guided by Stoic and Minimalist thought, though I don’t consider myself a Stoic, or a Minimalist. I’m most content when in flow.

I’m here to make a positive impact on society, in whatever small way, to the best of my abilities. To that end I need to make sure my fundamentals are strong, that I have a more correct model of the world, that I have a large toolbox , and I know how to use the right tools.

Right now I’m:

  • Working as an Engineer at a fusion energy research company
  • Coaching Olympic Weightlifters
  • Shoring up my Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Writing for this blog

Send me mail. I respond to everyone.

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